A Rare Naval Officers Metal Travel Case

A Rare Naval Officers Metal Travel Case

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W: 63.5cm (25")H: 58.5cm (23")D: 7.5cm (3")

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A rare Naval Officers metal travel case, pebble dash
decorated, bearing brass metal plates for the retailer
" Rogers & Company,8 New Burlington Street
Savile Row, London " and " Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey
GCMG (1872 - 1949) "
Sir Lionel Halsey achieved the rank of Admiral in 1917.
Had a long and extremely distinguished career
serving in the 2ns Boer War and the 1st World War.
Had close connections with and became an equerry
and courtier to the Royal family. Was awarded the
Knight Grand Cross - the " Most Distinguished Order
of St Michael and St George " C1922 and many other
In original unrestored condition